ICEF Higher Education

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September 11 - 13, 2021

About this event

ICEF Higher Education is a dedicated networking event specifically designed to meet the networking needs of the international higher education sector.

Now more so than ever before, student recruitment agents play a crucial role in the growth of the higher education sector, connecting discerning education institutions with eager students, as well as providing culturally-aware counselling to students and their families. These agents also monitor enrollment criteria, streamlining the entire student recruitment process.

In 2021, this conference returns for its 14th edition to connect international tertiary education institutions, selected higher education-focused agents, and relevant service providers. Over 3 days, event attendees will network both face-to-face and virtually, and learn more about emerging trends within the sector.

Programme & Seminars

At this networking event, you can build your own personalised programme of around 34 one-to-one video meetings with existing and would-be partners of interest.

Whether you join us in-person or online, you will also be able to access our range of seminars providing up-to-date information and the latest market trends and issues currently affecting the higher education community. Featuring speakers with important insights for the international education sector, these optional seminars are available live during the event and on demand through our online platform, both during and for 4 weeks after the event, so you can build your schedule to suit you.

This unmatched combination of personalised meetings, informative webinars, and informal networking opportunities provides the most intuitive and cost-effective way to keep up with the latest developments in international education, as well as meeting with existing and new partners.


Who goes to ICEF Higher Education?

ICEF Higher Education is a specialised event, designed to meet the needs of higher education-focused professionals from around the world.

Connecting international student recruitment professionals from across the higher education sector, ICEF Higher Education brings together representatives from higher education institutions, student recruitment agencies, and providers of services relevant to the international education industry. Whether you’re looking to forge new connections, raise your profile, or just want to bring your offer to an eager market, you’re sure to benefit from attending.

To find out more about the types of organisations who attend our virtual events, please click here.

To make the ICEF event experience as productive as possible for all attendees, we have developed our rigorous agent screening process to ensure that educational institutions meet only with the most qualified student recruitment agents who have a demonstrated history of successful student placement. To learn more about our agent screening process, please click here