ICEF Virtual China

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October 13 - 15, 2021

About this event

ICEF Virtual China is an exciting new online networking event dedicated to helping education institutions around the world identify reliable new student recruitment partners as well as refresh existing relationships with agents all around China.

Having run successful networking events annually in China since 1999, ICEF has built considerable local expertise and an extensive footprint, with local agent managers maintaining regular close contact with over 2000 active agents.

In 2021, ICEF Virtual China successfully hosted 220 international education professionals over three days. Participants from 25 countries across five continents conducted 1,271 meetings, demonstrating a strong, interest in the world’s largest source of international students.

Programme & Seminars

In addition to our core meeting schedule, ICEF Virtual China delivered a fantastic programme of seminars providing up-to-date information about the latest market trends and issues relevant to China.

These sessions included our renowned ICEF Agent Voice series, highlighting a survey of agent opinions in China during the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the most popular sessions were also Recruiting students from Greater China and The study abroad market in China 2021.

Alongside strong, high quality, and diverse attendance, as well as outstanding delegate feedback, the success of ICEF Virtual China’s seminar programme, meeting schedule, and overall virtual environment firmly established this event as a must-attend in the calendar of any leading international education professional with an interest in recruiting students from China.


2021 Event Statistics

Chinese cities and provinces

Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Haikou, Harbin, Hefei, Hohhot, Jinan, Jinzhou, Nanchang, Qingdao, Rizhao, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi’an, Yangzhou, Zhengzhou.

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Spain
  5. France



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